20 – Finn Carter

trent-drawing - CC

The Person

This beautiful miniature person is my partner in crime and boyfriend. He’s sassy, witty and fun! His personality is larger than life. Don’t tell anyone but under his cheeky exterior, he’s sweet and loving. He loves theatre and changing his hair colour every few months.

The Power

This is Finn Carter. He has the power of absorbing other people’s powers and manipulating that power to his will. He can usually only possess one power at a time but if he happens to absorb more than one power at one time, this can sometimes cause a combination of the powers to occur.

The time he keeps possession of a power depends on how much energy he has absorbed. If he has no power to absorb, he has no powers. If he comes into contact with another ‘Absorber’, it can cause a slight absorb followed by a ‘snap’ and causes him to become unconscious.

His hair and eye colour change depending on what power he has absorbed. If he absorbs a lot of energy, he can sometimes gain fabulous markings on his face. Otherwise, he naturally has blonde hair with hazel eyes.

Finn is sassy and on-point.


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