16 – Phoebe and Summer


The Person(s)

When I first met these two people, they were so friendly and welcoming – they were so much fun too! They are both amazing friends of my sister. One of them has been described as ‘always knowing where things are and so enthusiastic to go and get it for you’ and the other loves to travel. Together they’d be the best explorers!

The Power(s)

These two characters are Phoebe and Summer. They are two explorer characters who are looking for the next best adventure.

Phoebe’s power is location clairvoyance which means that she just has to see an image of an object and she can use her power to find it which comes in handy. If you can’t find your keys, she’ll not only tell you where they are but she’ll run and go and get them for you too! Her reach of clairvoyance is unknown as she can find objects on the other side of the world.

Summer’s power is reactive adaption. This means that she can instantly adapt her body in response to immediate threats, in particularly when her body is fully submerged in water! She just loves turning into a mermaid!

Their powers combined makes them the ultimate adventure duo.



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