15 – Alfie and Belle


The Person(s)

The boy has a husky voice because he shouts so much! He is cheeky but also very caring and he will tell you that he loves you! He likes playing with his toys. His older sister has a big sister attitude. She dotes on him and gets upset when he gets told off! She is musically gifted and plays the piano but she is also quite organised and likes things to be done in a certain way! They’re a team and always cracking jokes at the dinner table. She loves swimming and he loves the hulk.

The Power(s)

These two characters are Alfie and Belle – they are the perfect little brother and older sister. Belle is always there to laugh and look out for her younger brother! Belle’s power is control over water and is an excellent swimmer whereas Alfie is super strong. He can lift objects a hundred times heavier than him.


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