14 – Elizabeth Gascoyne

catherine-finalThe Person

This person is a fiery character, but not in your face. Some would describe her as silent but deadly. If you’re friends with her, you know she’s got your back! She makes sure you’re well looked after and knows how to act and take control in any situation – no matter how challenging! She’s a great laugh and knows the best ways to chill out!

The Power

This character is called Elizabeth Gascoyne. Her power is to manipulate gas to do whatever she wants. She can change the molecular structure of gases to change, say oxygen into a poisonous gas. She can also control any gas in the surroundings – her signature move is to stop a bitch from breathing for a couple of seconds if they piss her off. She’s silent but deadly.

Elizabeth is a vegetarian, sometimes vegan when she’s not munching on cheese. She loves animals and plants. She uses her gifts to aid plant growth and wants to own as many animals as possible.

When her powers are combined with Ella Coleman (fire control) the results are explosive!


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