13 – Ella Coleman


The Person

This person is a young fiery character with a caring core. She’s always makes sure you’re looked after and having fun. If you’re under her wing, you’re safe. She’s mad as a box of frogs but we all love her for it!

The Power

This character is called Ella Coleman. Her power is to create and manipulate fire to do whatever she wants. She loves to create shapes out of the fire and particularly loves to create wings made out of fire which don’t harm her and help her fly …but she might accidentally catch fire to her surroundings sometimes! She’s a bad ass fighter – no one wants to deal with her. She’s quick and packs a punch!
Her and her team mates are isolated from other heroes and they do whatever feels right at the time. Zero fucks given.

When she’s not fighting crime and making mischief, she works in a prison.


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