11 – West


The Person

This is a hilarious creative person who has experimented with many looks over the years. At one time, his appearance must had changed every month. He has quite obsessive behaviour in that when he loves something, he REALLY loves it! He appears to be successful using social media and is great at connecting with people!

The Power

This character is called West. His power is shapeshifting. The facial elements like eye, nose, ears and mouth shape never change but he can change his skin colour, eye colour, hair colour and length, body and sex. Although he was born a female, he prefers to appear as a male with muscles and stubble but that doesn’t stop him wearing high heels from time to time. The limitations are that he can only transform into a human shape and that West has to be able to see himself in order to transform. This is thought as to the reason why he has a mirror collecting obsession!

West is a happy hilarious person unless you try to take a photo of him. Someone taking a photo causes his appearance to flicker – he hates it!


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