10 – Charlotte ‘Lottie’ McKennell


The Person

This character is based on someone who is a bundle of fun but when it matters, she can be responsible too. She’s awkward and often finds herself saying the wrong thing or something where the only response is to laugh. It doesn’t help that she’s blunt as f**k as well. She somehow has a way with words when it comes to talking to lads and she’s definitely one of the lads but, with the appearance of a woman. She’s very family orientated and loves being surrounded by family.

The Power

Lottie McKennell is a powerless innocent citizen. She is possessed by the spirit of her former boss who’s power is puppetry – physically controlling people, particularly men to do its bidding. It struggles more to control women. Most of its minions are men. Her boss is somewhat nice in that it lets her go home to her family and live a normal life when she steps foot out of work at evenings and she remembers nothing so characters regularly see her with a glass of wine or a beer down the pub with the lads at weekends. Totally oblivious to what’s happened at work!

Two future characters make an appearance!


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