8 – Isabel Archard & Henri Timur

Alicia-Claude-colourThe Person(s)

This character is based on my younger sister. I’m going to put it bluntly, she’s mad as a box of frogs and she’s loud. She’s very loving and caring like a mother. She’s always herself and couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

She’s joined at the hip to her other half – they spend most days together. He’s laid-back and more reserved but probably equally mad behind closed doors. They’re different but they complement each other – they are a team!

The Power(s)

Isabel’s power is to alter the volume of a sound. So if someone is talking too much, she can mute them or because she’s naturally quiet speaking, she makes her own voice louder (maybe too loud). Offensively, she can throw a pin and increase the volume of it dropping and create earthquake-level vibrations if she so wishes.

This complements her boyfriend, Henri’s power because he has the ability to generate sharp metal spikes or knives from his palms. He can produce the pins, knives or spikes for Isabel to alter the volume of! The metal he generates cannot harm his skin which is perfect for when he uses the knives to prepare food.


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